Respecting the privacy of all users, Termehkids , a felt product store, requests information from the users on buying, commenting or the use of some services of the store, to offer safe and secure service to users. Information such as an address, phone number, and email is required for processing and order delivery; and from the fact that all activities of the store are committed to legal regulations for e-commerce, inserting the user information such as name and NIC for natural persons and economic code and national ID for organizational buying is crucial.

In this respect, it should also be noted that the email and phone numbers registered in the user account are the only formal and approved information of the user that is used for all mutual correspondences. The insertion of address, email, and mobile and landline phone numbers by the user, means that the user confirms the correctness of information; and when the required information does not correctly or fully inserted, Termehkids will request for more and complementary information to ensure the correctness and finality of order registration.

The users can insert the name, address, and phone number of anyone else for order delivery, and Termehkids will ultimately use this information to deliver the same order. Termehkids may also use some information for communicating with the users, website content optimization and marketing purposes. It also may send an email or an SMS to the store members to inform them of events and news, special services or promotions. If users are not intended to receive an email or SMS, they can cancel their newsletter subscription. Non-cancellation of the newsletter subscription means implicit consent to receive emails and SMSs and the denial of the right to protest.