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درباره ما - ترمه کیدز | محصولات نمدی کودک

Once upon a time, a long time ago around the year of 1984 there was a young woman called Termeh, living in the historic and star strewn city of Kerman. In the beginning she used to make beautiful carpets, but gradually she also made colorful threads, carefully weaved soft and warm cloths, and as days and months and years passed by Termeh became a master in making colorful wads which she produced using a-thousand needles with the help of her friends. She then gifted these goods to all sorts of people.

She had always loved kids and wished their laughter would take over the whole world and when God gave her a grandchild, she named her “TermehKids“. Termeh taught her grandchild everything she had learned during those long years and said “my dear, I have always wanted to make colorful gifts for lovely, sweet kids but I have no idea what can make them happy!”

“Don’t worry grandma,” said Termeh Kids “I will go and find the answer for you.”

She then went and asked the sun, the crow, the old tree of the jungle, and everybody else who could answer this question. After that, she collected all the answers and gave them to her grandmother and they experimented and tested them carefully and with the help of their friends they managed to fill their world with all sorts of gifts for children. Now if you enter the world of TermehKids, you can use their floor mats and wall covering to beautify your home, you can spend hours on their play mats playing with Termeh Toys without worrying about falling or injuring yourself at all; because TermehKids makes every surface and every adventure safe for kids.

We are a team of grownups here who still love to play like kids and do our best to be responsible and creative in our jobs. Kids!, don’t forget that TermehKids is still looking for things that can make your life more colorful, more beautiful, and happier, so if you can, do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions and tips and hopefully one day we can see every child happy.

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