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Arash play mat

Arash play carpet is an adaptation of an honorable and ancient legend, neither with paper sheets nor with long and complicated texts. You will become a storyteller and your darling will act like a champion. Maybe you can get your kid to fall asleep well within the battle tumult and on the velveteen carpet, and your baby becomes another champion to fight for his/her land and territory.

Batman play mat

Babies become happy of watching famous superstars in movies and seeing their posters. Batman baby play mat can fulfill this need for babies. Babies love popular characters in their animations and try to gain a sense of identification. They become champions of the movies and own all the supernatural powers. They draw creative plans to win over joker and become proud. The dynamic mind of babies makes the impossible possible.

cactus felt wall covering

The Termeh production group has produced various felt wall coverings for aesthetically improving and insulating the environment against heat and noise. The kid’s felt wall covering by Termehkids is available for everyone. The cactus design makes the room fresh and  is suitable for every kids'place . Each unit of this product is 1m2, and the width is also 1 meter.

City play mat

City play mat is, in fact, a big city illustrated in small scale on a carpet. Babies love to experience adults’ life, and, most importantly, this is a fundamental aspect of their social growth and development. The play carpet is made of velveteen felt fabric, making your darling baby’s home a beautiful and lovely city.

farm play mat

Village freshness and gladness can be revived by walking on the farm play mat carpet. Green farms, relaxing river and water sound, and fresh and fragrant breeze gives you a sense of freshness. This play mat is an appropriate space for hours of entertainment with babies neither with violence nor with the attack. Babies all are living in this carpet in niceness and gladness. They grow products and sale them in the market to attain an attractive and colorful life.

Felt dice

Felt dice is one of Termehkids felt toys collection and  is suitable for every game especially for snake and ladder  play mat. Its dimensions is about 15 * 15 * 15 cm. Felt dice doubles the charm of all games.

Frozen play mat

Animations of favorite with a range of enamel paints, constitutes the dream of our child. Frozen play mat makes one of the most popular Disney animated movies a carpet of your child’s room. Children have memorable moments of the movie in their room; they seat on the carpet and knit the dreams of a thousand colors.

galaxy play mat

The galaxy play mat is a carpet of simple design with no complexity and stereotype. children can easily learn about aerospace science through a game and enjoy it. We have laid a small carpet to the depth of a galaxy to help our babies touch their dreams. They are little scientists that take motivation from their games. Let’s start discovering and experiencing sweet things for our kids.