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Batman play mat

Babies become happy of watching famous superstars in movies and seeing their posters. Batman baby play mat can fulfill this need for babies. Babies love popular characters in their animations and try to gain a sense of identification. They become champions of the movies and own all the supernatural powers. They draw creative plans to win over joker and become proud. The dynamic mind of babies makes the impossible possible.

City play mat

City play mat is, in fact, a big city illustrated in small scale on a carpet. Babies love to experience adults’ life, and, most importantly, this is a fundamental aspect of their social growth and development. The play carpet is made of velveteen felt fabric, making your darling baby’s home a beautiful and lovely city.

farm play mat

Village freshness and gladness can be revived by walking on the farm play mat carpet. Green farms, relaxing river and water sound, and fresh and fragrant breeze gives you a sense of freshness. This play mat is an appropriate space for hours of entertainment with babies neither with violence nor with the attack. Babies all are living in this carpet in niceness and gladness. They grow products and sale them in the market to attain an attractive and colorful life.

infant play mat

The infant play mat is designed for babies of newbie walking stage using attractive and useful elements. All of us are interested in having healthy and happy babies, and playing a game is known as the principal component of growth and happiness in babies. Infant play carpet offers a health platform coated with velveteen fabric of live and beautiful colors, aiming to help babies to acquire motor skills.

Middle ages play mat

Middle ages play mat has an interesting design and is in fact a strategic game. The main difference with other strategic games is that the game’s rules are not pre-determined, and this is an alive and dynamic game. Babies can battle in two adjacent castles and cross their military divisions from the water or can live in peace and build a bridge for crossing the river.

Minion play mat

Winding streets and cute yellow creatures appear anywhere in the city and forms minion play mat. Minions have truly been one of the most popular creatures in recent years. Those are yellow and attractive characters that babies love their appearance and jokes. Babies are excited about having any device of minion shape. Minion play mat brings to babies a carpet of happiness decorated with photos of these cute little creatures.

Viking play mat

Viking play mat is both a carpet and a playground. It is a strategic game with no limitation and pre-determined laws that babies are its legislators; and a style that requires thinking and planning before anything else. Besides entertaining, it teaches multiple lessons to its attendants. Mistakes and faults during the class are improvable. It contains planning, accountability, a right understanding of resources control and utilization, accurate interpretation of human resource value, detailed understanding of military tactics, and even training social and cultural issues.

World map play mat

World map play mat will take you everywhere in history and geography. This play mat will help children to make their dreams come true. We can gift world map journeying to our kids and plant seeds of hope-rich thought in their minds. You can also use  world map felt wall covering and enjoy a lot of adventures with your babies.